What do you have to keep in mind?

Inheritance and bequests

Passing on your assets is not only about numbers, but also about emotions. In any case, a structured transfer of assets that is planned with foresight requires some considerations that serve the security of the testator and the heirs. The following must be considered:

Your will is what counts.

You can write and sign your last will and testament by hand. The will should clearly regulate how you want to arrange your succession of assets. In the case of complex assets, seek the support of an expert who can provide you with professional advice. We will be happy to recommend competent legal counsel to you.

Keep the testament in safe custody.

Your will should be kept in a safe place, either at home or with a trusted legal advisor. Without a will, intestate succession applies, which may decide differently from your true will.

Avoiding disputes is very simple

If you agree on an inheritance contract with your heirs, you can divide the inheritance together in advance. This contract must be notarised by a notary, especially if real estate is involved.

Amend contract.

The contract, once concluded, can only be amended with the participation of all contracting parties.

Real estate carries mortgages.

With the inherited property, you also take on its burdens, such as open financing, renovation work or development costs. Before you start, check whether the inheritance makes economic sense for you.