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Sales particulars relevant to the target group arouse purchasing interest

Selling a Property

A property sale poses many challenges to you as the owner. After a careful valuation with the help of an experienced surveyor to determine the value of the property, it is then a question of presenting your property in the best possible light. So that potential purchasers feel addressed and develop a genuine interest in your property, sales particulars relevant to the target group, including a virtual tour, form an indispensable basis to a successful sale. In addition to this are factors such as planning viewings, procuring documents and drawing up contracts.

As your trusted real estate expert, BAMBERGER IMMOBILIEN is pleased to be of assistance in planning and implementing your property investment and will accompany you every step of the way to a successful sale.

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Appointing an agent saves time

Letting a Property

Whether it’s a house or an apartment, renting out a property requires specialist knowledge and objectivity. Assigning this task to the highly competent team of real estate agents led by Eva Bamberger, M.Sc. (Econ) not only saves valuable time but also enables you to obtain a lucrative level of rent against the background of current market conditions. As your local experts we represent your interests as an owner, we conscientiously look after advertising, we make an initial selection of suitable interested parties and we ensure a smooth marketing process.

As your trusted real estate agent from Salzburg we offer you a comprehensive range of services in the area of property letting. In doing this, here at BAMBERGER IMMOBILIEN a transparent way of working and the utmost discretion are a matter of course.

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Assessing the market value realistically and profiting from that


A professional valuation serves to give a realistic assessment of the current value of your property in order then to determine an appropriate sales price. The market value assessment is based on the objective appraisal of an independent expert and is comprised of various factors. These include fundamental aspects such as the condition of the property with regard to building structure, roof and windows, water and gas supply, electrical installations, as well as a detailed energy efficiency audit and of course an evaluation of the location.
With consideration of the current market value, a valuation offers security to all parties interested in the sale and purchase, because price negotiations take place within a previously determined framework and preclude in advance any possible conflicts of interest. Since the preparation of a valuation requires experience and expertise, the assessment should be carried out locally on site by an expert.

As your specialist real estate agent we have access to a wide network of professional surveyors who will be pleased to assist you at any time. Arrange an on-site visit now!

Handing over the exposé

Find out how much your property is actually worth!

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