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For all those who prefer to remain flexible

Rented Apartments

A rented apartment is ideal for single people and couples who attach importance to flexibility and independence in their choice of a home. As a tenant you only have responsibility for the care and maintenance of the premises, you have the benefit of manageable ancillary costs and you leave the management to the landlord.

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Ideal for families and investors

Purchased Properties

A purchased property is ideal for families who need maximum space to allow individual design. Having your own property gives you financial security as an owner against the background of rising rents and can be used later as a retirement home with rental opportunities or as a lucrative investment property for third-party rental.

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Ideal for individualists and families

Houses and Villas

Houses and villas in sought-after locations offer the individualist lots of space to develop freely, score highly with their superior interior design and appreciate in value over the years. Set on a generous plot of land, such high-value properties afford you as an owner alone or together with your family a maximum of discretion and privacy.

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Suitable for developers and investors

Plots of Land

A fully accessible plot of building land is the ideal prerequisite for enthusiastic developers and investors. As the new landowner you are flexible in terms of plot size, ground conditions, infrastructure and purchase price and can adapt the planned use of the building land to meet your requirements.

Frequently asked questions about buying real estate

What are the additional costs when buying a property in Salzburg?

The additional costs when buying real estate in Austria amount to about 10-15% of the purchase price and include the land transfer tax, land registration, notary fees and, if applicable, an estate agent’s commission.

Are there any subsidies or tax advantages for buying real estate in Austria?

Yes, there are various subsidy programmes and tax advantages in Austria, such as the housing subsidy or the tax deductibility of renovation and refurbishment costs. An estate agent can consult you individually on this.

What factors should be considered when buying a property in Salzburg?

When buying a property in Salzburg, you should pay attention to factors such as location, building fabric, transport connections, infrastructure and possible planning and building regulations. Furthermore, you should consider how you envisage your future, as family planning or career plans, for example, can also influence the choice of property.

How do I find a suitable property in Salzburg?

There are various ways to find a suitable property, such as researching well-known or less well-known property portals, working with an estate agent or even visiting an estate agent’s website and viewing their offers or placing wanted ads.

How long does the process of buying a property take?

The process of buying a property can take different amounts of time depending on the individual situation, but as a rule, however, three to six months should be allowed for. If you need financing to buy a property, the purchase process may be delayed a little longer, as the financing must first be approved by the bank.

What documents are required when buying a property in Salzburg?

When buying a property in Salzburg, the purchase contract, the extract from the land register, an energy certificate, the construction plans, a detailed building description and proof of financing are all required.

Are there any special features when buying an old building in Salzburg?

When buying a property in an old building, you should pay attention to the condition of the building fabric, possible renovation costs and especially the protection of historical monuments. It is advisable to have a detailed appraisal of the property carried out by an expert in order to be able to assess possible defects and the (financial) need for renovation.

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