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Relocation made easy


The most important thing to make your moving as stress-free as possible is to be well organised. For this purpose, we offer you a useful checklist here, so that your move can take place quickly and in a relaxed way.

Helpers / Vehicle

Contact friends and family members in advance in order to have enough helpers available for the day of the move. You should also arrange for a suitable vehicle as soon as possible after you have gained an overview of the size of your move.

Professional removal

If you hire a removal company, the process will be much easier and more relaxed. Careful planning, carried out together with the professional removal service, is important to guarantee the smooth process you want.


In order to transport your household items effectively, you will of course need enough moving boxes. You can obtain these in supermarkets, for example. You can also decide to rent some from a supplier – this option could turn out to be much cheaper, especially if you need a lot. In addition to the obligatory moving boxes, the following items can also be helpful during your move:

Old newspapers
Bubble wrap
Packing blankets
Sack truck
Dispose of

Your move also offers you the chance to get rid of items you no longer need. Give away or sell your rarely worn clothes and unused items. You can dispose of old furniture and bulky waste at local authority disposal points.


Pack your moving boxes carefully and thoughtfully. You should also not neglect labelling, as it will save you a lot of time and work in your new home. Pay attention to whether you have any particularly heavy, bulky or fragile items and plan the transport of these items very carefully.


Make copies of the plan with exact measurements for each room in advance. Use these to plan the placement of the furnishings. These plans also serve as an important source of information for the removal company. With good preparation and planning, you can then move into your new home with peace of mind.

Taking over a flat

Especially in the case of rented accommodation, it is important to draw up a handover protocol. This should include the number of keys handed over, meter readings for water, gas, district heating and electricity, the condition of the flat as well as any defects, witnesses present (if any) and the date and time.

Moving day

Your move will go fastest if you assign certain tasks to the helpers in advance. Who will carry the heavy things? Who is good with their hands and who will drive the removal van? First assemble the furniture in your new flat according to the plan and then distribute the labelled boxes in the respective rooms.


In Austria, when you change your place of residence, you are obliged to register with the competent authority within three days of moving into the new flat. In Salzburg, the magistrate is responsible for this. You can register in person or by post free of charge using a registration form. The form can be downloaded from the website If necessary, your vehicle must also be re-registered, or at least you must inform the registration office of your relocation. You should contact your energy suppliers, internet and telephone providers in good time to enable an orderly transition.