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Sales contract

Finally you have found the property that you would like to acquire. Now every buyer or tenant would like to move in as quickly as possible or start renovation work. Before this, however, there is one more hurdle, the sales contract. In Austria the sales contract for a property can be concluded informally, e.g. even as a verbal contract. However, to protect the contracting parties it should be set out in writing and attested by a notary, in order to certify the authenticity of the signatures.

In addition, the principles of registration in the Land Register must be observed. In Austria it is not the sales contract which is decisive for a transfer of ownership of a property but the entry in the Land Register. For that reason the sale of a property only takes legal effect when the sale has been recorded with the court. Only when the entry in the Land Register is changed is the sale actually concluded.

Sales particulars

The sales particulars are the business card of any property offered for sale or rent. The document provides interested parties with all the necessary information about a property. Typically this includes details of size, location and layout, as well as the asking price, pictures of the property and a description.

Search request

By submitting a search request you can record with us your interest in buying or renting a property. You inform us what sort of property you are looking for, what requirements you have and in which location you are looking. If a suitable house or apartment finds its way into our portfolio, we contact you and on request establish contact with the owner.

Secret sale

The term secret sale is used to describe the discreet mediation of a property transaction. Thanks to good connections in the region we can offer properties direct, without unnecessary intrusion in the privacy of the owner through publication of photos or personal details.

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