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Database of interested parties

The database of interested parties is a service for property owners. In it we collect all search requests from interested parties and we can thus instigate a direct search for potential buyers or tenants of your property.

Duty of disclosure

Under § 30 b of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG) the real estate agent must with the due diligence of a reputable real estate agent give the client, who is a consumer, a written outline. From this outline it should be clear that he is acting in the capacity of an agent and will inform the client of all costs that will probably be incurred to the consumer on the conclusion of the transaction, including the agent’s commission. The amount of commission is to be shown separately. If there is the possibility of an economic or family relationship between the agent and the third party, in line with § 6 para. 4 third clause of the Austrian Estate Agents Act (MaklerG), this must be disclosed immediately. If the real estate agent can on the strength of existing practice act as a dual agent, this must also be disclosed. If there are significant changes to circumstances the real estate agent must amend the written outline accordingly. If the agent fails to fulfil these obligations at least before the contractual declaration of the client in relation to the transaction, then § 3 para. 4 of the Estate Agents Act applies. The real estate agent must inform the client of what is required under § 3 para. 3 of the Estate Agents Act. This must include all circumstances essential for the assessment of the transaction.

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